New CTE Teacher Professional Development Study

R. Adam Manley, Ph.D. & Richard Zinser, Ph.D.

Western Michigan University

The following details the competencies Michigan teachers, administrators, and Data was collected through an online survey from secondary-level CTE teachers in Michigan that have 1-3 years of teaching experience prior to survey implementation. The survey instrument listed all of the newly updated PBTE competencies and allowed participants to rate the competencies on two Likert-type scales, perceived level of importance (1=Not Important, 2=Little Importance, 3=Somewhat Importance, 4= Important, 5=Very Important). The shows the new Michigan PBTE competencies in order of adjusted

importance within each category. The Mean column denotes the mean importance rating. The SD column

denotes the standard deviation from the mean. The CV column denotes the coefficient of

variance. The competencies highlighted in gray are competencies that the participants did

not form consensus concerning their rating. 

Developed by Dr. Adam Manley, Associate Professor of CTE, Western Michigan University